Monthly Archives: January 2016

In the wake of Patriots’ heartbreak, a lot of other teams deserve our attention

Usually throughout January, the attention of Maine sports fans is focused on the New England Patriots, and rightfully so. The Patriots have been playing meaningful games in January and February for a generation, and often times, other local teams get lost in the shuffle. Now, here we are in the final month of January, and […]

Supporting a team through the lows is just as important as supporting them through the highs

It’s a sports expression I hear all the time: “If you can’t support the team in bad times, then don’t support them in good times.” Growing up in the 1990’s, fortunes weren’t so rosy for the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins or Boston Celtics, with the Patriots’ appearance in Super Bowl XXXI […]

Good health, consistency and signature victories: Plenty of sports resolutions to go around

2015 was a pretty good year to be a follower of New England’s sports teams. Especially if you’re a fan of the New England Patriots. Thanks to Tom Brady overcoming a 10-point fourth quarter deficit and Malcom Butler etching himself into New England sports lore with a game-saving interception, the Patriots won their fourth Lombardi […]