Bottoms Up: A preview of BodyPump 92

Every new Les Mills year starts tends to start with extremely challenging releases.

If the hype around BodyPump 92 is any indication, the start of 2015 will certainly live up to that billing.

That said, here is a short preview of this winter’s newest release, without giving too much away:

Warmup: All You Need Is Love. I’ve always said keys to a fantastic warm-up track is that the song has to be upbeat and cheery, and the choreography simple so we instructors can welcome our participants to the workout. This one offers both of those. Be sure to smile and acknowledge any new participants, and of course, your devoted regulars. Great start to the workout.

Squats: GO. I’m not too big on the music in this one, as it’s all dubstep with no lyrics, but the challenging choreography more than makes up for it.
This track sets a big tone for this release with combinations that take us from working from the top-down to the bottom up, with a combination of three singles, holding the fourth one down, then three more from the bottom up. The quads will be under the most tension as we’ll be in mid-stance during the whole track, so focus on executing your timing properly in the combos to give the muscles the proper intensity.

Chest: The Phoenix. I’ve been raving about this one since I downloaded my release, primarily since this song is finally in a Pump release! We see the same combination from the squat track in this track, so again, coach timing and make sure your members absorb the tension and intensity. The longer we pause at the bottom, the harder the muscles must work to drive the bar back up.

Back: Letting Go. The squat and the back tracks typically burn the most calories in a typical BodyPump class. You’ll have a chance to showcase your Clean and Press power, with a combination of three consecutive clean and presses and a slow deadlift. Explosive, athletic training recruits more muscle fibers and allows us to react quicker, so thanks to explosive training in the back track, you’ll be able to run faster, jump higher and swim or cycle faster. Another great back track to work on strength along with conditioning.

Triceps: Problem. With only one break, this one is going to be a challenging tricep track! We’ll be overloading the backs of our arms with combinations of tricep presses and pullovers, and a lot of bottom-half pulses. The bottom half is a great way to train your muscles with a light bar, putting the muscles under stress and tension with no release. The track ends with two short sets of overhead presses, but by the time we get there, we’re going to be feeling it! Great music, too

Biceps: Come With Me Now. There are a lot of tempo changes in this track so you’re going to have to pre-cue throughout. This one has no break, and like in the tricep track, we’ll be maximizing time under tension with mid-range pulses and stagger work. The stagger work is really where you’ll have to coach timing. Make sure your class doesn’t go up too fast or down too fast. Make sure they absorb the tension. Again, another good song.

Lunges: NRG. Very limited recovery in this track as we overload our legs with squats and lunges, and another killer combination! No working from the bottom-up this time, but the combination of four singles and four bottom-halves will get the heartrate thumping and the glutes burning. Make sure you coach the benefits of continuous tension training. Love the music here as well.

Shoulders: Ping Pong. Who was the genius who decided that push-ups should be performed from the bottom-range up? Again, timing is going to be key here in your coaching. As is technique in the second block of push-ups. The same combinations we had in Tracks 2 and 3 returns for the push-ups, making this a very challenging shoulder track.

Core: Fancy. Very simple core track here, as all we have are leg extensions and hover work. The focus will be on the lower part of the core, as we’ll finish it off with rotating hovers. Make sure you challenge your class to use lat tension to increase the demands on the core by intensifying each exercise.

Cooldown: Chandelier. Not much to say about the stretch except it’s a great, relaxing song to end class to. Smile and congratulate your members on a great workout.

BodyPump 92 is shaping up to be a very, very challenging workout. Enjoy it!

Ryan McLaughlin

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