Union Street Athletics hosting second annual Fit Fight

For Les Mills group fitness instructors, fall launches are always special.

It marks the end of the so-called “summer lull,” which sees group fitness attendance drop slightly. But once Labor Day weekend comes and goes, the rooms get packed again, membership deals are offered, and new stashes of choreography are finally released.

As the summer of 2013 wound down, a team of group exercise instructors at Union Street Athletics in Bangor, Maine, had the brilliant idea to bring a few classes outside while raising money for a worthy cause at the same time.

It was such a success, we’re doing it again this fall.

On Oct. 4, we’ll be hosting our second annual Fit Fight, launching the latest BodyPump, RPM and BodyCombat releases while raising money for Special Olympics. And as was the case last year, we’re bringing these classes outside to our parking lot.

The fun starts at 8 a.m. with our first RPM masterclass, in which people will have the opportunity to “bid for a bike.” Combat follows shortly after 9:00, followed by a second RPM ride shortly after 10, with Pump commencing shortly after 11. The day will wrap up with a barbeque.

If that’s not enough, our friends at the Bangor Police Department will be on hand as well. Special Olympics has always been a charity that has been near and dear to their hearts. And yes, the world-famous “Duck of Justice” will be making an appearance. If you don’t know about the famous DOJ, head on over to Bangor PD’s Facebook page and get to know our city’s police department a little bit.

Myself and my fabulous team will be on a flatbed trailer teaching these classes, and the equipment – bikes for RPM and benches/bars/plates for Pump – will be strewn out across the parking lot.

I’ve had the chance to practice the newest BodyPump release numerous times, and I’m not kidding when I’ll tell you that it is no joke. It’s a release that will challenge you from start to finish, as will RPM and BodyCombat.

In addition to four awesome classes, we will also feature team Tug of War competitions, with plenty of bragging rights at stake. Anybody up for challenging our USA Group Fitness team? I know our Powerlifting team is always drumming up a unit to challenge USA’s finest.

We’ll also have a special membership deal, in which prospective members will only pay $20.00 for an October membership. Even better, if you bring a friend, you both pay only $20.00. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Anybody interested in bidding for an RPM bike, signing up for BodyPump or signing up a tug of war team should contact our front desk at 207-942-3200. Bear in mind there are limited slots available for RPM and Pump, so sign up and get your bids in as soon as possible!



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