Crawfish, gumbo, beads and fitness magic: New Orleans the site for 2014 Les Mills Mega-Quarterly

Even though many of us Les Mills instructors are still recovering from the Mega Quarterly in Orlando earlier this month, anticipation is already building for 2014.

Fitmarc, Les Mills’ regional distributor in the south-central U.S., announced this week that a Mega Quarterly workshop will take over New Orleans in June 2014.

According to Fitmarc’s announcement on Facebook, this will be a two-day event on June 20th and 21st, aimed toward shattering some records.

“Records are meant to be broken, memories are meant to be made, and we are ready to share them with YOU! Join us and the creators behind our tribe for the BIGGEST Les Mills US Quarterly EVER!” Fitmarc announced on Facebook.

Yes, this could be the biggest quarterly workshop this country has ever seen. Even though it is 10 months away, within 10 minutes of seeing the announcement, at least 10 friends on my timeline had shared it.

People immediately started asking the basic questions: When will tickets go on sale? Will we have a host hotel? Who are the presenters?

Of course, none of that information has been released as of yet, but have no fear, it will be released sooner than you think!

If Orlando is any indication – and THAT was an awesome fitness party – then New Orleans is going to be bigger and better. After all, what’s better than hundreds of thousands of Les Mills fanatics taking over Bourbon Street and the French Quarter?

What made me happier is that two of my Union Street Athletics teammates immediately expressed interest in wanting to attend within minutes of me sharing the announcement. I know how tough it us for us Maine tribe members to go on such long journeys for events like this, but this is a workshop that nobody is going to want to miss. It’ll be 100 percent worth saving your pennies for.

According to Fitmarc’s announcement, details are currently being ironed out as to hotels being reserved for instructors, along with ticket information. Keep tabs on their Facebook page, along with Les Mills Easte Coast for those of us from Maine to Florida, for more information. Tickets will likely be available in mid-to-late September, so again, plenty of time to get that extra dough put away!

Les Mills group fitness instructors bust out to BodyJam during a quarterly workshop in Orlando on Aug. 10. Fitmarc announced earlier this week that Les Mills will attempt to hold the biggest U.S. quarterly workshop in history in New Orleans in June 2014.

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