BodyPump 85 preview

After listening to the music all the way through and watching the DVD a couple times, BodyPump 85 is starting to grow on me. With a Quarterly Workshop in New Jersey coming up next weekend, I’ve already started learning the choreography on what expects to be an awesome release! Oh by the way, there are no Adele or Nickeback covers! Here is a preview.

Warmup: Heartbreak on Hold: Choreography-wise, this is a well-balanced warmup to give the participant a feel for the workout ahead. The transitions aren’t very fast, so it’ll be easy for participants to stay on beat. The song is uplifting and will give you goosebumps as you prepare for 800 repetitions!

Squats: Antidote: Similar to BodyPump 84, we’ve only got two sets of work and one recovery, but with slightly more bottom halves than in the previous release, this one will be a tad more challenging. There are quite a few singles too – 24 in each set to be exact – so this one will be a real leg-buster!

Chest: Uprising: This is an interesting one, as we’ll be pushing from the bottom range and the top range during the duration of the track. For instructors, it will take a few run-throughs to master the choreography, although it shouldn’t be too difficult! Starting the moves from the bottom range recruits more muscle fiber, thus increasing the intensity of the work and building more muscle. A challenge for sure.

Back: This is the rhythm of the night: A classic song for the back and legs track! In Release 84, we had a TON of widerows. This time, we have a ton of Clean and Presses. However, there are wide-grip deadlifts at the end of each set, and don’t be fooled. This move is a challenge, especially in the back half of a set when we’re fatigued. More Power Presses are coming too, so expect to burn a lot of calories with this one.

Triceps: Let It Roll: Another tricep track in which we can go big, as there are no tricep extensions, only presses. It’s only four minutes long and there are only four sets, but in order to feel this one, you will need to increase your weight on the bench. A challenge: Try it with your back and legs weight! We’re only on the bench for 2:15! The finishing kick will be 15 seated overhead extensions with plates. If you load up on the bar, you’ll really feel it when we hit the final 45-50 seconds!

Biceps: Blow Me One Last Kiss: After a killer of a biceps track in Release 84, there’s no doubt we should be able to go heavier on the bar for this one! There’s only three sets of work with a break so this is a good challenge. It’s a cheeky song as well – Les Mills seems to always throw Pink songs in Track 6 – so don’t be too overbearing here. Use the lyrics and have fun!

Lunges: Spectrum: The highlight of this release for me! If you thought the jump squats in Releases 82, 83 and 84 were challenging, you haven’t seen nothing yet. We add yet another propulsion movement: The Plyometric Straddle Jump. Yes, we’re going to be jumping onto the benchtop and back down. This is going to be EPIC (sorry plyo haters, this stuff isn’t going away from BodyPump anytime soon). Keep in mind, there are options should you not want to do the plyometric jumps. Hope you guys are ready!

Shoulders: This Is How We Rock:  Another badass shoulder track, where we start with walking pushups before we hit 16 singles! Ouch…in a good way of course! The intensity picks up right from the start of the track and doesn’t stop. There isn’t a ton of barbell work at the end, so load up and take the challenge! We also have a combination with mac raises and side raises.

Abdominals: One More Night: Upper and lower part of the core will be hard at work here, with leg extensions with plates and plate lifts. The plate leg extensions is a move we usually see in CXWorx, but its great that it’s finally coming to BodyPump. There are two combinations featuring overhead plate extensions and alternating leg extensions. Great finish to class!

BodyPump 85 appears to be a fun release, and with Quarterlies coming up, all of us will have plenty of fitness magic to take back to our clubs!

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