What to expect in BodyPump in 2013; what are your resolutions?

We saw some awesome new innovations in BodyPump this year, especially in the lunge tracks. A few of my participants asked me the question I expected to be asked in our final class of 2012 week: What can we expect in 2013?

For one, we can expect the lunge tracks to keep evolving. From propulsion lunges to jump squats, Les Mills has made Track 7 more exciting and challenging. Some folks worldwide have expressed frustration over the lack of lunges in lunge tracks – and that’s OK, all instructors are entitled to their opinions – but I can’t get enough of being asked “are we jumping tonight?” by my participants.

BodyPump 84, which our club is planning on launching at some point in January, does feature more jump squats. I won’t be surprised if jump squats and propulsion lunges are a part of Track 7 beyond this release as well. As Glen pointed out on the DVD of Release 80, when we introduced the propulsion lunge, “a stronger athlete is a better athlete.” You’d be surprised how much strength you’ll gain in your glutes, hamstrings and legs through these body-weight exercises.

Plus, I won’t lie, it is kind of boring doing regular lunges on one leg, followed by regular lunges on the other side. Gotta keep things interesting! Plus, squads preceding lunges make the lunges more challenging, and vice-versa.

In addition to the cardio kick in Track 7 that has taken the world by storm, don’t be surprised if we keep seeing new innovations in the bicep and shoulder tracks. Hammer curls will make their BodyPump debut this quarter, and while that track will certainly be a challenge without smartbar plates, the hammer curl will mix things up a little bit. As far as shoulders are concerned, we’re seeing multiple sets of pushups – like two sets of 16 in Release 83 – and expect that to continue. The challenge of pushups in the back half of a shoulder track when we’re already fatigued pushes you to your limits!

Speaking of limits, since this is my last post of 2012, it’s time to think about those fitness aspirations for 2013. Whatever they may be, whether it’s to become a Les Mills instructor, take a specific program for the first time, run that first road race, lose weight in time for your wedding, graduation or other special day, feel free to share it with me on Facebook!

I’ll break the ice by sharing a couple of mine: Get back into competitive running, go back to AIM II for BodyPump and achieve the goals I want to achieve, finish in the top 10 at the Tough Mountain Challenge, and contributing as best I can to making Maine the fittest state in New England.

Happy 2013! Thanks for a great 2012!

Ryan McLaughlin

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