Bodypump’s Top Tracks of 2012

If you’re reading this post, it’s a good chance that the world didn’t end. However, in just over a week, the book will close on 2012, and Les Mills has authored some awesome BodyPump releases.

That said, here is my “Best of 2012,” from Releases 80, 81, 82 and 83. Team USA can expect this mix for our final class of the year on Wednesday night! I based these on the dates our club launched the releases, just so my peeps outside the U.S. don’t get confused!

Warmup: You Make Me Feel (Release 81): The warmup tracks in Releases 82 and 83 had some great music, but the transitions were quick and quirky. The warmup in Release 81 has a great beat to it and the choreography is simple. It’s a great start to the workout.

Squats: Edge of Glory (Release 80): One of the best squat tracks of all time, in my humble opinion. Nearly six minutes of leg-blasting fun, and did I mention the song is a great one? Don’t forget, glory is not given to you, you have to earn it! And we certainly do in this track

Chest: I Like How It Feels (Release 82): No, I didn’t pick this one merely because of the burst of push-ups in the back half of the track. There are only three sets on the benchtop before we hit the pushups, but the pressure builds throughout the track, making fatigue inevitable and results immaculate. Not to mention we love how the song feels!

Back: Ravers Fantasy (Release 81): This track is all about shifting. Five sets, five bursts, five gears make this the best back track of 2012. The wide-rows don’t come into play until the fourth and fifth sets, when we’re already getting tired, so this one is all about power, and digging deep.

Triceps: Til The World Ends (Release 80): Had to make a reference to the so-called end of the world here! The name of the song not withstanding, this one only has two sets of work on the bench, but a few pushups and some extensions at the end. It isn’t the longest tricep track but it is no doubt a challenge.

Biceps: Eye Of The Tiger (Release 80): Talk about a roar of a bicep track! At no point do we get to put the bar down, and the single-bottom half combinations in the back half really set those guns on fire! Not to mention this is a powerful song….Rocky anybody?

Lunges: San Francisco (Release 81): This was a tough call. Any four of these lunge tracks could’ve been a winner. The evolution of BodyPump has really taken off this year in Track 7, mixing in cardio work with jump squats and propulsion lunges. That said, I picked this one because it’s an uplifting, fun song and the workout really helps you get the maximus out of your gluteus!

Shoulders: C’est Bleu (Release 83): Again, I could’ve picked any four of the shoulder tracks from 2012. But the most recent one takes the cake. The pushups in the first and third sets really hammer the shoulders, and there is not a whole lot of recovery time throughout the track. Once we get to the barbell work at the end – and there’s not a lot of it – watch out! Good stuff!

Abdominals: When We Stand Together (Release 83): Fairly challenging core track here! Lots of rotating hover work in the end when we’re fatigued, and the pulse work in the front half really loads the lower part of the abs. Plus, the title of the song ties into our One Tribe philosophy.

Cooldown: Better Than I Know Myself (Release 83): Not much to explain here. Most of the cooldowns this year feature sad, terrible songs (see Release 82 as a huge example). The cooldown is meant to celebrate the workout!

The year 2012 was a fantastic one. But if you ask me, it can only get better in 2013. Wishing my tribe members around the world a safe and happy holiday season. Don’t forget your workouts!

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