BodyPump 84 preview


1. Warmup – Let’s Go. From a choreography standpoint, this one is similar to BodyPump 83, as we will have some upright rows followed by an overhead press to simulate the clean and press. Other than that, it’s your typical warmup track. The song is pretty good, and should provide a great start to the workout.

2. Squats – Turning Tables. I want to point out right away that I am SICK and TIRED of all the freakin’ Adele music in BodyPump. This marks what, the fourth straight release that we’ve tried to make a sappy song an inspirational workout tune? It doesn’t work. Now that my rant for the day is over, this squat track is a little more forgiving than “Summer of 69” in 83, with less bottom-half work. This will be a good one for participants to challenge themselves on and up their weight a little bit. I know I will be, for sure.

3. Chest – Welcome To the Jungle. Classic song, but I would have rather seen it in the squat track, as this is a song I’d rather not teach lying down. The choreography is a little scrambled in spots, so this one will be difficult for participants to follow at first. I don’t find this one to be all that challenging without pushups, so this will be another good one to increase weight on.

4.  Back – Because the Night. Very uplifting song and very simple choreography to follow. The routine here isn’t all that fancy, straight-up clean and press followed by a single row, and lots of wide rows. Can’t wait to teach this one!

5. Triceps – Scream. Excellent one to go heavier on, as there are no extensions with the barbell, only tricep presses. One of the new innovations is introduced here with the kickback row. It sounds complicated but it’s easy to coach and easy to execute. This one will really send this release through the roof.

6. Biceps – Crazy. Folks who have a SmartBar at their clubs will have an advantage here with the hammer curls with plates. This move will be next to impossible to execute with the normal Don Oliver kilogram plates, but there is an option to use the barbell. I do like the addition of the hammer curls, a move I do in the weight room all the time, but it will be difficult without proper equipment.

7. Lunges – Where Have You Been. Great song and even better routine. Two sets of squats and regular lunges before we hit the jump squats. This one will prove to be more challenging than the lunge tracks in 82 and 83, respectively, since we don’t hit the jump squats until the very end when our legs are already fatigued.

8. Shoulders – Welcome To The Club. Only thing I was bummed about when I watched the DVD was the lack of pushups in this track – a mere 25 in the beginning, and that’s all she wrote. Again, great shoulder training here with two sets of plate work following the pushups before we finish it off with overhead presses.

9. Abdominals – Whistle. Simple core track to work all facets of our abdominals, with regular crunches, side crunches and rotating planks. Great finish to the workout.

10. Cooldown – Lullaby. Very relaxing cooldown song and a relaxing way to end our hour of power.

BodyPump 84 will be a fantastic way to kick off a new year of fitness, without question. Don’t forget to get a jumpstart on those resolutions!

Ryan McLaughlin

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