BodyPump Top 10: These tracks are simply the best

No two BodyPump tracks are the same. That is the beauty of receiving new material every three months, and there’s no doubt there have been some kickass tracks during my 2 and a half years of teaching.

But there are 10 that stick out, and since there are 10 tracks in a Pump class, I’ve narrowed this list down to the top tracks dating back to release 70 up through 83.

Here we go, and feel free to add your own in the comments section, of course!

Warmup: The Climb, Release 76.  The lyrics in this warmup track speak for themselves. The warmup track is all about preparation for our fitness journey together, getting used to moving with the bar, and getting a feel for the different moves if you’re new. The lyrics that stick out to me are “It’s always going to be an uphill battle. Sometimes we’re going to have to lose.” In other words, fitness can be an uphill battle, and there will be adversity, but it’s up to you to push through it.

Squats: Edge of Glory, Release 80: I had narrowed it down to this one and “Higher Ground” from Release 81, but “Edge of Glory” is uplifting, has a good beat and challenging choreography to go with it. Nearly six minutes of work in this track, a TON of singles and bottom halves, and a song with tons of fitness magic. I really enjoy tying the “glory” theme into this track, since we’ve got to earn our glory.

Chest: I Like How It Feels, Release 82: No, I didn’t pick this one just because it has a lot of pushups – 27 of them to be exact – but because this track will leave you smiling and your chest feeling awesome. Only three sets with the bar and a long set of pushups, and not to mention a rocking song, need I say more? Sweet Child of Mine from 78 was a close second, but you can’t beat a chest track with pushups!

Back: Ravers Fantasy, Release 81: I had to pick at least one from the release I did at AIM II in April!! Five sets of pure power and grace to tone our back and hamstrings. The “shift” drill we learned at AIM II really comes in handy in this track, as I try to get my participants to find that fifth – or highest – gear by the fifth and final set. With seven triple-wide rows at the end in the final two sets, we definitely are burning rubber.

Triceps: My First Kiss, Release 76: This is arguably one of the toughest tricep tracks in BodyPump history, going from dips to kickbacks to pushups to overhead extensions. With no barbell work, every angle of the tricep gets worked here. Not to mention the song is cheeky and loaded with fitness magic!

Biceps: Eye of the Tiger, Release 80: If you’re a Rocky fan or a runner, how can you hate this one? Cowboy Casanova (75) and Diamond Eyes (77) both tied for second, but you can’t beat the power and fitness magic featured in Eye of the Tiger. Four sets without a break, some fun combinations, and lots of willpower go a long way in firing those guns.

Lunges: San Francisco, Release 81: This was a tough choice. Very tough. The lunge tracks from Release 80-up have been killer, from propulsion lunges to jump squats, mixing in cardio training and strength training. I went with San Francisco because of the fitness magic found within the song, the monster choreography, and its another AIM II track for moi. The lunge tracks from Releases 82 and 83 checked in second in a tie, and Fade like a Flower from 80 is not too far behind. The direction our lunge tracks are heading could not be any better!

Shoulders: C’est Bleu, Release 83: I’ve only mixed this one out once since my club launched Release 83 earlier this fall, and for good reason. The recoveries are minimal, the work smashes every part of the shoulder, and there are 36 pushups! You can easily get your class fired up with the lyrics as well “Boom Boom, Bang Bang,” and “We’ve Gotta Get Strong, Man,” are two good examples. Blood is Pumping (81), We Need More Hardcore (75), Operation Blade (71) and Ti Sento (77) aren’t that far behind.

Abdominals/Core: We Speak No Americano, Release 77: This is a KILLER ab track! Only three areas of work, but going around the world during our hover – walking hovers with our hands and feet – finish off a core that has been going strong for 50 minutes. This one also introduces the oblique crunches, which are now a regular occurrence in the core tracks. Feel So Close from 82 isn’t that far behind, along with More (75) and Let The Music Play (73).

Cooldown: No Surprise (73): Not a sappy song, and a great way to end a great class. In the last few releases, the cooldown songs have been terrible. Whataya Want from Me (75) is a good one as well.

Again, feel free to add some feedback as to what you’re top 10 tracks are! After all, we are one tribe.

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