BodyPump 83 will give you a proud feeling of accomplishment

We thought it couldn’t get any better after BodyPump 82. Then again, we say that after every release is launched. After finally watching the Masterclass of BodyPump 83 earlier this week, I was wowed immediately, and can’t wait to share this workout with Team USA. Here is my preview

Squats: A lot of tribe members have been whining about this song (Summer of 69), as it was rehashed from a prior release. I don’t see the issue with bringing back an old song, especially since the choreography in this track is a challenge. We smash the legs with five blocks of work and minimal recovery time. There’s also a little surprise at the end that offers a challenge that will have your legs screaming! No, I won’t tell 😉

Chest: An awesome song here! We turn up the heat – literally – with five minutes of punishing chest work. There are only three sets, but watch out for the second one. It’s a long one! We’re constantly building pressure via perfect timing throughout the track. Be sure to use the full range of motion! Don’t track your elbows below your benchtop, and tread the bar toward mid-chest, or the bra line (if you’re female, obviously).

Back: Yes, another Adele song (major sigh). However, I do like the choreography here. Even though there aren’t any triple-wide deadrows, we’ll be isolating the back and legs and toasting calories with the Power Press, and consecutive clean and presses followed by two deadrows. Not the best back and legs track, but not the worst either.

Triceps:  There’s no way we’ll be able to top the tricep track from Release 82, but you’re going to be glad you came when this one comes knocking! The press-pullover combination makes a triumphant return, but the real work hits us in the final set, which features over a minute over overhead extensions. Be sure to keep those elbows in!

Biceps: My favorite song of the release probably, it certainly fits a bicep track! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger for sure! The real challenge here will be increasing your weight. The track is only 3:30 long and it has a break, so take the challenge and chuck some more weight on! That’s why we come, right?

Lunges: Another big athletic lunge track here. The jump squats are here to say, which I am very happy about. Like in Release 82, we’ll be mixing in cardio training with strength training here. However, this one is a bit tougher, as we pick the bar up for the squats and static lunges in between sets of jump squats. My legs are excited already!

Shoulders: Awesome shoulder track here with lots of push-ups! We don’t use the bar until the very end, so this one is guaranteed to produce results. We’ll be working the shoulders from every angle, as is the case in most shoulder tracks in BodyPump. The big key will be to stay strong up through the finish, as there aren’t a lot of recoveries.

Core: We’ll have some rotating hovers here, to go with some regular crunches and oblique crunches. Like most of the core tracks, this one should be a great cap to your workout.

Enjoy BodyPump 83! It’ll be time to launch Release 84 before we know it!

Ryan McLaughlin

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