Finding the proper footwear

A proper workout isn’t complete with the proper attire. Yes, that includes a nice pair of shoes. Most people think they can just show up to a workout in any random pair of shoes. Having been a runner prior to becoming a BodyPump instructor, that is not the case.

No two pairs of shoes are alike when it comes to certain workouts, and as I’ve learned over the last two years, the shoes I use for BodyPump aren’t ones I would use if I was running a half-marathon.

If BodyPump is your group fitness class of choice, I’d suggest a pair of comfortable “training” shoes. Look for something that has excellent traction on the floor, which is critical when we get to the lunge track. When I first started taking Pump, I would always do the class in my running shoes, and that didn’t turn out to be the best idea, since running shoes are generally “lighter” than training shoes.

Upon going shopping, the first thing you should do is look at your foot arch. That’s the first step in determining which shoe is right for you. And yes, size does matter. You want to be comfortable and snug while exercising. I’ve noticed when some people do lunges, their heels will slide out of their shoes a little bit. That’s a sign you’ve gone up a half-size or a full size too much.

In this economy, finding a pair of shoes at a reasonable price is a tough task, especially if you’re a bit high-maintenance like me when it comes to that flashy pair of shoes. If you want one of the newest pairs, definitely plan on spending at least 70 to 80 bucks. However, just because it looks flashy on the display doesn’t mean it’s going to feel great on your foot when onstage. That’s why you should refrain from buying shoes online. Always be sure you can try them on before breaking out your credit cards or checkbooks.

Now say you’re like me and you need two pairs of shoes – one for BodyPump and one for a 6-mile run. This is where you don’t want to bust your bank, and maybe look for a pair that is reasonably priced and good for both types of workout. I’m in the midst of doing that myself, since I’ll be running a 10K at the beginning of August.

A lot of people might not realize it, but finding the right pair of shoes is just as important to any workout as hydration, nutrition and recovery. My advice, find that happy medium between a flashy pair and a comfortable pair. A good recommendation for BodyPumpers is Nike Shox. They are comfortable for a PUMP class, have solid traction and they look pretty damn good as well! Especially if they are red and black 😉

Ryan McLaughlin

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