Staying active when the temperature rises up

Ah, summer. My favorite time of year! It’s that time when many of us indulge in activities such as hitting the beach, road trips, baseball games, cookouts, or if you’re from Maine, going “upta camp.”

Personally for me, it is going to be a busy one, with numerous classes to teach, a couple of road trips with my boys, and of course, my wedding on August 25th.

With a busy schedule like that, you’d think I’d be skipping the gym more often than not. But that will never be the case. Through all the swimming, ballgames and cookouts, you can find plenty of time to work out, even if it’s not in the gym!

An example: If you find yourself going to a beach town or “upta camp,” there are plenty of things you can do! One of my personal favorites is running on the beach. While it is more challenging than pounding the pavement, it is just as effective. You can also do things such as burpees, lunges, pushups or core work in the comfort of the beach under the bright sunshine, and even better, get yourself a tan!

As summer approaches, however, we want to be aware of the heat, especially while training. As a runner, I know this all too well. When in doubt, drink early and drink often, especially during BodyPump. It won’t hurt to take a sip of water after each track. A couple weeks ago, it was quite muggy in our Group Ex room at USA, and even though we had the AC cranking, the outside heat coupled with a packed room collaborated for a steamy class.

On a side note, if any of my fellow tribe members had been interested in signing up for the Super Quarterly in Baltimore later this summer, it has sold out. However, grab a spot on the wait list, because you never know when a bench top may open up! Ironically, it is the same day as my wedding day, and a lot of my AIM II peeps will be attending the Q.

Also, for my Team USA peeps, we have a lot of good stuff in terms of classes cooked up for you guys throughout the summer, so stay tuned! And GO CELTICS!

Ryan McLaughlin

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