One month removed, the changes are evident

A month ago this weekend, I returned from AIM a changed instructor, in more ways than one. In these last four weeks, the results have certainly reflected in the way I’ve been teaching.

In keeping tabs with a lot of the folks I had the pleasure of meeting in Virginia in late April, it turns out a lot of them have been noticing changes as well. Congratulations to you all, and we are most certainly one tribe!

One thing Kim and I discussed on Day 2 was that I could go heavier on certain tracks, which I’ve been doing with consistency the last couple of weeks. It has been especially evident in the tricep and bicep tracks and the shoulder track, where I’ve been using extra weight on the bar and have felt stronger than ever. Extra work in the weight room has done wonders too.

Another thing I thought was missing slightly at AIM – and nervousness may have a little bit to do with this – was messing up on the “little” things, i.e. having my feet too wide during chest and triceps, not going low enough on my squats, stuff like that. I feel as if I’m doing those things with more consistency.

The biggest change of all, however, is establishing more of a connection with my members. Yes, we joke around before class, have a good time, and even take interests in one another’s lives. But since I’ve been improving on things such as going up on my weights, fitness magic and the like, a lot of my participants have been improving as well. They look stronger than ever, have a passion for BodyPump and always have a blast no matter how tough I make the mixes or how loud I yell “Hit the Deck” during Track 8.

A lot of people are challenging themselves to make the change, and I’m certainly one of them. Just this morning, I put together a mix that included some of BodyPump’s toughest tracks, including Dangerous (74, lunges), Diamond Eyes (77, biceps), Sweet Child of Mine (78, chest) and My First Kiss (76, triceps), and that didn’t stop anybody, including me, from challenging themselves.

Pain is temporary, but victory is forever.

Ryan McLaughlin

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