Showing off the new nuggets

Ever since I left Virginia Sunday night, the only thing on my mind was Wednesday’s BodyPump class. Even though I had no idea what my module outcome was, and won’t know for a couple weeks, I was excited and ready to show off the new nuggets to my members.

It’s a fun feeling after completing a tough module to celebrate with each other, without question, but then you get to go home and showcase what you’ve learned to your members, and I certainly had a lot of things I was ready to show off!

I must say that I felt more energetic on stage than I had in quite a while. Not to say that I’m boring when I take the stage – those of you who know me very well know that’s NEVER the case – but it was that feeling of accomplishment inside of me that just poured out.

I certainly stole some people’s shit – that’s an expression that will stay with me for a long time – and as usual, we had a nice, packed room that included a couple of new participants. Usually, new participants to BodyPump struggle in terms of technique, especially with the more complicated moves, but they were outstanding and really enjoyed the class.

After weeks and weeks of listening to BodyPump 81 music, I was definitely ready to mix some tracks out, which I like to do because it keeps the members on their toes, and keeps things a little more exciting.

I think the members enjoyed the new nuggets, and I certainly enjoyed translating the lessons I learned at AIM back to them. They were definitely on my mind every second I was down there, and I felt more connected to them throughout the class. Even when I was lying on my benchtop during Tracks 2 and 5, I could feel the smiles and the energy in the room even though the class was working hard. That’s a good feeling to come home to after quite a few days on the road.

I’d also like to point out that three of my USA teammates nailed their CxWorx training in New Hampshire, also last weekend. It is a fun class that is geared toward toning your abs, and I’m excited that we’re bringing it to our gym and our city. I’ve done it a couple times myself, and it’s a killer workout!

Ryan McLaughlin

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