AIM II – A full wrap-up

Being on the road for multiple days at a time takes its toll on you, no matter how much fun you’re having.

After returning from a Red Sox game at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. Tuesday, I was never happier to see my own bed.

I’m writing this blog on a whopping 3 and a half hours of sleep – I haven’t gotten a whole lot of sleep the last couple days, to be honest – but it was well worth it.

I couldn’t even visualize the experiences I’d have in Virginia when I left Maine bright and early Friday morning, still feeling some after-affects from my birthday the night before. After training for nearly 10 weeks, I didn’t expect the training to be more mental than physical, but you have to be just as strong mentally as you are physically to be a talented instructor.

I experienced things I never thought I would experience, and I met people I never thought I would ever meet. Herb Brooks put it best at the end of  “Miracle,” when he said the best moment for him was seeing 20 men with different backgrounds standing as one.

I would have to say that I certainly had that affect with my fellow AIM-ers. Clearly, the best moment for me was not nailing my final presentation on the second day, but us all standing together as one tribe at various moments throughout the weekend. We all learned a lot from each other, and as one person put it, we’ll probably be stealing “all ya’ll’s shit” in the coming weeks!

When it was finally over Sunday night, it was certainly hard to say good-bye to these people. But to me, it wasn’t goodbye. It was until we meet again at a quarterly, in one another’s classes down the road, or both. On the other hand, I was ready to head back to New England and take in a Sox game the next night.

We sat in the front row in right field by the Pesky Pole, the Sox beat the Oakland A’s 11-6, and I rewarded myself with a cheesburger and a couple cold ones at Game On, which felt so nice! It was also Alissa’s first time at Fenway, which made it a lot more fun.

The ride back, well, that wasn’t so much fun. We barely made our train thanks to traffic, with the game ending at 10:40 p.m. and us deciding to cab it instead of waiting for the subway.

Even though I’m writing this on only a few hours of sleep, the experiences I had and things I learned were well worth it. I would recommend attending AIM II to any Les Mills instructor who has dreams of being a world class instructor. The things you’ll learn and the experiences you’ll take back to your classes are a lot more valuable than the “outcome” printed on a piece of paper. I just know my participants will be awed at the stuff I learned.


Ryan McLaughlin

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