AIM 2, Day 1

Well, I made it to Virginia safe and sound, and the first day of AIM II for BodyPump is in the books.

My travel day proved to be interesting. I decided to take in an Orioles game Friday night, and I’ll just say that traveling on the Capital Beltway is a pain in the butt. It took me 2 and a half hours to traverse the 55 miles between my hotel and Camden Yards. Comparison: I’ve driven the 200-plus miles from Bangor to Boston in a little over 3 hours before.Upon

I always leave early when it comes to modules, and it was a good thing I did Saturday since I couldn’t find the gym, and arrived at 7:50 (Thank God for the GPS on my phone).

Upon arrival, I met some of the other instructors, and discovered I was assigned the bicep track. I was confident, yet nervous to present in front of two national trainers. But it was go time, and I had to be ready.

My first presentation was OK, but nothing spectacular. My biggest issue was bringing the bar up a little too high, but I think that came with the nerves, The first day mainly focused on the essance of the program and coaching drills, which proved to be very helpful.

I also got to know quite a few of the other instructors, quite a few of which I had been talking to on Facebook and prior to the module, which increased my comfort level, knowing they wouldn’t think, who is this guy from middle of nowhere Maine?

The second presentation went a whole lot better, and I felt like I nailed most of the basics. There are a few things I needed to work on, according to Kim, but nobody is perfect!

Later that night, me and some of the other instructors, and Josef and Kim, met for dinner and drinks. It was during this portion that we really got to open up with each other and I think most of us became a family. We even bought Josef and Kim a Lemon Drop, and another girl and I did one as well in honor of our birthdays, which are in close proximity 🙂

All in all, Day One went pretty well. I have Triceps on Sunday, which was my debut track at initial training in 2010. Stay tuned!


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