It’s go time, no holding back now

It’s the moment every athlete dreams of. That one you’ve thought of through blood, sweat and tears, months of hard work and rigorous training and making sacrifices.

That moment, in this case the Advanced Module part II for BodyPump, is nearly there. It’s a mere three days away. In 48 short hours, I’ll be sitting on a plane – hopefully not with a hangover from my birthday – headed to Virginia for what is easily the biggest sports moment of my life. Yes, bigger than all those state championship track and cross country meets I competed in, bigger than the half-marathons I’ve done, and even bigger than the moment I first set foot on a BodyPump stage in March 2010.

While I certainly could come back with a certification level that most instructors only dream of, my goals are high, yet simplistic at the same time. After a couple of shaky moments last week, BodyPump 81, which I’ll be doing at the module this weekend, is a release I’m extremely comfortable with, from warmup to cooldown.

In talking to a co-worker at the gym last week, we talked about how my main goal is to go down there and show the folks in the Mid-Atlantic states that Maine does indeed have talented and strong instructors capable of taking their certification to the next level. However, one thing she brought up was that if we do have an instructor based in Maine someday, it could do wonders for our gym.

That’s what my main drive is going to be this weekend. I’m not only representing my entire state, friends and family, but my USA family. The support from teammates and participants alike over the last few weeks, and through this whole process in general, has been outstanding. I know deep down this is going to be tough, both mentally and physically, but if you don’t have the confidence, you can’t succeed no matter how talented you are.

I’d also like to point out that if it weren’t for the folks at BBAC, where I taught for a year and a half, this would not be remotely possible. Three years ago, when I first joined that gym as distance runner just looking to get stronger via weight training, I didn’t know what the hell Les Mills or BodyPump was. Now, thanks to the outstanding folks over there who rolled the dice on me, I’m not only going for higher certification, but there’s Les Mills music on my wedding playlist 😀

Yes, this is a tough release. Yes, it is a long trip. Yes, both days will be 10-hour days. But hard work reaps success, and I feel pretty confident going into this weekend. I feel well-rested, with my final class before heading down there coming tonight, and feel as if I could lift my normal weights, if not a bit more on certain tracks.

I’m not just going down there to be there, and for a weekend getaway. We are going to Washington to do some DAMAGE, represent Maine, USA, Les Mills, and all of my amazing participants who come to class every night, even in snowstorms. While also going for higher certification, the education value that will come out of this will be outstanding, learning and teaching in front of a world-class presenter who has been on the most famous Les Mills stage in the world in Auckland.

I’ll be posting updates both Saturday and Sunday night(s) after things wrap up, and hopefully some good news will come with Sunday’s post. But to represent Maine with an opportunity like this is an accomplishment in itself.

GO BRUINS! – “We Are Marshall” pre-game speech.

Ryan McLaughlin

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