One week to go: It’s definitely time to taper

After a long eight weeks of pushing myself, getting rid of the flu and even a few double-sessions, I’ve finally arrived at the last week of training for AIM II for BodyPump.

In a previous post, I stated that tapering is essential prior to that big event for any athlete. In my case, it’s going to be super crucial.

This week, knowing I had two weeks remaining, I decided to go hard. It was a typical week: PUMP Monday-Wednesday-Friday and RPM Tuesday and Thursday. After Thursday’s RPM cycling class, my legs felt like two bowls of jello with a pair of sneakers attached.

My first thought turned to how the hell I was going to get through my Friday class. The answer was to go light on Track 2, and let everything else take care of itself. That squat track, while it is short, is massively tough!

This weekend will surely involve plenty of rest and recuperation, and next week will be a tough one to a certain degree, but not like the last eight. I’m teaching my two PUMP classes – Monday and Wednesday this week – and may take the week off from RPM cycling to give my legs a bit of a break. After all, if I get Track 2 on Day 1 and my legs are still fried, I could be in a world of trouble. But that’s not to say I’m not going to push through it and then some.

The week may also consist of one light day in the weight room and another light day of cardio, which will likely be Thursday (also my birthday). It will certainly be important to keep working hard, but not too hard, so come next Saturday, I’m fresh and ready to rock and roll.

Ryan McLaughlin

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