Coming into the homestretch

I know this all too well as someone who used to run competitively. Two weeks before you hit that “goal race,” or event, you want to taper off a bit, but the question is, do you take it too easy?

The answer is, yes, you should continue to work hard and stick with your routine, but don’t go too hard. While that may sound a bit confusing to some, it’s hard not to stay on the same routine you’ve been sticking with for months.

That being said, my AIM for BodyPump is only two weeks away (gasp), and it didn’t really hit me until we launched Release 81 last weekend. As we got ready to take the stage, it dawned on me, that I’ll be teaching this same release in front of one of the world’s best instructors in a mere fortnight.

Needless to say, this week, I’ll be sticking with the same routine I’ve been sticking with the last 2 and a half months: Three PUMP classes a week (which includes the two I teach), and two RPM Cycling classes (got to keep that endurance up), and one day in the weight room.

I’ll admit, I felt a little on the tired side in PUMP on Monday night, but since I was on the floor as opposed to the stage, I figured, OK, this was the night I’ll take it a little easier, and not go for broke. It wound up being a good idea, as I feel fresh today and ready to take on the next four days.

Now you ask, what happens in that last week? Plenty of tapering, but not too much. In my instance, I’ll be traveling all day on a Friday, so getting a short 20 to 30 minute cardio workout in, maybe a run, is not a bad idea, to get the jet-lag out of your legs. I’ll be teaching two classes again that week (Monday and Wednesday), with an RPM class Tuesday and a rest day Thursday (my birthday), so it’ll work in my favor.

When you hit that last week, you want to rest, but not a whole lot, since you want to be rested but not rusty. After all, if I headed to Virginia not having done any PUMP for a week, odds are I’d be in trouble! It’s like if you’re training for a marathon, you don’t want to take any more than one or two days off the week of the big race, yet you don’t want to run any road races within those final couple of weeks.

I’d like to point out that my body feels well-conditioned and ready for whatever it is they’ll throw at us, and after doing the release a few times, I’m confident about the choreography and what my weight selections will be. Sometimes, you have to adjust your weight selections to the choreography, and this release, which has some tough but fun tracks, is no different. I’ve also been talking to a few of the other instructors who will be in Virginia in two weeks (most of them are from the mid-Atlantic states), which has been nice.

Ryan McLaughlin

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