BodyPump 81…all I have to say is OUCH! In a good way, of course!

A few days ago, I gave you guys a little sneak peak of BodyPump 81, which is a fun, yet challenging release.

After launching it this morning at USA, I’d have to say that it certainly lived up to its billing and then some.

At first, I thought launching on Friday the 13th would be completely unlucky, and it started that way, as a black cat decided to dart in front of my car on Buck Street on my way into the gym. My first thoughts turned to messing up my choreography, having plates fall into the trash again, or falling off the stage during the lunge track, you know, typical bad-luck stuff.

It turns out none of that stuff happened and we had a good time. The reaction from the participants was somewhat mixed, although many of them stated that they enjoyed the release, and that it was very challenging. Track 8 certainly took the cake, with 15 push-ups in the beginning, and 16 at the end (yikes), while Track 4 featured six minutes of work, and Track 2 had no recovery time at all.

Thanks to Sandy, we were joined onstage by the “Pump Duck,” a small rubber duckie she brought in to smile at the participants. It’s as if we were Bert and Ernie masquerading as BodyPump instructors 😛

All in all, BodyPump 81 is a fun release that you’ll definitely feel after you do it a couple times. Like I said in my previous post, there are 800 reps from the warmup track all the way to the core track, and you will definitely feel the hammer drop right when the squat track commences.

The music is fantastic as well, and the participants really fed off our energy even though the tracks had some challenging choreography. I’m certainly looking forward to presenting a couple tracks from this release in Virginia in two weeks. Getting closer!

Happy pumping!


Ryan McLaughlin

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