BodyPump 81 – a sneak preview

I’m sure many of you know by now that I’ve been working my ass off preparing for AIM 2 in Virginia, which is only 17 short days away now! While that preparation is the focal point of every set of incline bench presses, elevated planks or BodyPump class I’ve grinded out, I’ve been learning Release 81 not only for the AIM, but for our upcoming launch at USA this weekend.

Oddly, it seems like just yesterday Scott and I were launching Release 80, the day before the tragedy that was the Super Bowl (sorry Juli and Jess) with Patriots jerseys hanging behind us. But yes, the time has come to learn a new release – for more reasons than one – and after running through the whole thing Tuesday morning, it’s time for a sneak preview.

Track 1 is your basic warmup track, coaching the participants to getting used to moving with the bar, warming up the basic muscle groups, and soforth. The song, “You Make Me Feel” by Cobra Starship, is a great way to get the workout started. I’m not even kidding when I say that this release has 800, yes 800 repititions from the warmup track all the way to the core track. So be ready!

Track 2: It’s a shorter squat track than usual, so go a little bit heavier, but not a whole lot heavier, since we get very minimal recovery time. There are only three blocks of work, but quite a few bottom half singles in the second half of sets two and three. I always say that the squat track sets the tone for the rest of the workout, and this one is no different!

Track 3: The chest track is similar to the squat track in terms of choreography. There aren’t a ton of bottom halves, however, and only 3 blocks of work, including a break, so you BodyPump veterans out there will want to go a little bit heavier to really feel the load in this track. Those of you that are new, stick to somewhat of a lighter weight, but add a bit more to really feel it!

Track 4: Now we get into the fun stuff! This back and legs track is a toughie, I’ve practiced it several times, including this morning with normal weight. If you’re newer to Pump, you may want to take some weight off. This track is over 6 minutes long and features a warmup set followed by four blocks of work. The first two sets are pretty straight-forward, featuring clean and press combination blocks, but we don’t hit the wide-rows until the second half. Yee-ouch! Be ready to burn a lot of calories and show me your POWER!

Track 5: This tricep track has a cruisy feel to it (Jesse J’s Domino is the song here), but don’t let the music fool you. It is a tough track, because at no point do we get to take a break. We have three sets under the barbell, and then we go right into standing overhead extensions. The first three sets will really load the back of those arms, while the extensions will finish whatever is left.

Track 6: Another short track for your biceps – it’s only 3:35 in length – but again, no breaks. It’s short enough where you can go for a personal best, however. The intensity comes from a Bottom Half/Single combination, where we have just one bottom half single, and one full-range single. But with six sets, the fatigue factor sets in pretty quickly! Only three blocks of work, but they are challenging!

Track 7: One of the highlights of this release, we bring back the Propulsion Lunges! This track mirrors the one we had in BodyPump 80, but the song is a LOT more fun! Again, we start with a burst of squats to pre-fatigue the legs a bit, then we lose our bars and do lunges with no weight. There are a LOT of cardio lunges (16 singles, in fact, before we even kick the knees up)! Remember, a stronger athlete is a better athlete!

Track 8: It wouldn’t be a true shoulder track without a ton of push-ups, right? 🙂 There are 31 of them to be exact – all singles – with one set in the beginning and one set at the very end to finish us off. We hit the shoulders from every angle possible with rear-delt raises, side raises, mac raises and the rotator raise, followed by a light set of barbell work, with a surprise at the end 😉 This track is really where we’ll hit the peak of the workout!

Track 9: I’m not a big fan of this core track, minus the song. It features basic crunches, bicycle crunches and oblique crunches before we head to hover work. The hover work includes a new “mountain climber” move, which you’ll have to see to believe. All I can say is, thank God that we never get assigned the core track at AIMs or initial training!

There you have it. That’s all the information I’m going to relay about BodyPump 81. It is a fantastic release with great music and a workout that’ll leave you speechless and with goosebumps! We’re launching it at USA this weekend – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – so be sure to stop in and try it! I’ll be there on Friday, 10:30 a.m. sharp! Be there!

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