Starting to reach the peak

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated this space, and since I was on vacation, who could blame me, right?

Of course, more than half of said vacation involved training, BodyPump and more training.

Even though I wound up getting sick at the tail end of it (thanks Melissa), I feel like I’m starting to reach the peak of my workouts for AIM 2, which is now a mere 3 weeks away. Man, does time go by fast!

I’m happy to report that things are going very well. The tail end of last week was rough, with a BodyAttack-RPM-BodyPump trifecta to close it out. Let’s just say that Friday and Saturday were days off – and it’s a good thing they were – since I’m taking the stage 5 times this week, with three classes already in the books.

Let me just say that doing BodyPump 5 times a week is something I strongly discourage if you’re a participant. The only reason I’m doing what I’m doing this week is because we are down two instructors this week, and I’m covering three extra classes in addition to teaching my own two classes. I’m getting through it by going light the first three days, and we’ll see if I can go hard these last two!

Now, let’s get back on topic here. Every athlete who has a goal in mind has to reach the so-called peak in their training. I know this for a fact, as I’ve run half marathons and numerous other races in my time.

The same can be said with training for AIM 2. After this week comes and goes, it’ll be time to back off the workouts slightly, as the “goal module” will be under three weeks away. Most of the work during this time will involve core strength and cardio, with one or two days of hard lifting to go with my two classes. This adds up to about 5 days a week, so it’s a typical week, with a little less work.

When you get to that last week before that big event, it’s really time to start backing off, especially if there is travel involved, like in my case. If you’re faced with such a situation, after you’ve had a chance to unwind a bit, do some light cardio to get the jet-lag out of your legs upon reaching your destination. The worst thing you can do is sit on a bus for 2 hours, a plane for 2 more hours, and then sit on your butt the rest of the night. A short burst of cardio – no more than 20-30 minutes – will ease and re-fuel your joints a little bit, and some carbs and protein for dinner will get those muscles primed and ready to go.

As a wise RPM instructor always says, “we’re almost to the top.” I’m certainly almost to that peak. The fact that we’re launching Release 81 next weekend is a huge plus, since I will have a chance to teach it a few times before heading to Virginia. Stay tuned for a preview, it’s a good release!



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