Let’s get Maine on the map; going old school with the workouts

Over the last week, I’ve gone to the vault as to workout preparation for my AIM II for BodyPump, which is now five and a half short weeks away.

I know that all basketball players absolutely HATE suicides the way hockey players despise “Herbies” (think suicides, but on skates). However, from a conditioning standpoint, they are essential. After adding some of them to my training regime late last week, my legs were certainly feeling it, but my conditioning is way better, and I found myself going up on my squat and lunge weights during my classes last week, which is huge.

Of course with gain comes a little bit of pain, and I’ve been experiencing the typical nicky-nacky soreness in certain muscles over the last couple weeks, but that just means the workouts are working. As a former competitive runner, it was also nice to get back on the track again, especially with this summer-like weather we’ve been enjoying.

I’ve also been itching to mention one of the biggest reasons I’m going to AIM II next month, and am going all the way to Washington to do so.

BodyPump hasn’t exactly been put on the map in Maine, when you think of developing instructors who have the potential to take their careers to the next level. Every time I go to quarterlies, I’m typically the small fish in a big pond, which was the case in New York last September, being the only Pine Tree State instructor at the Super Quarter. And I can almost promise you that I will cover the most miles in getting to Washington at the end of April.

Yes, Maine does have some real strong instructors, whom I’ve trained with and been teammates with over the last two years. However, it would be fantastic to make my mark on this state from a group fitness standpoint by bringing an advanced to elite certificate back home. While it will be arguably the most challenging physical test I’ve gone through, bring it the hell on. I’ve been realizing over the last week that I won’t just be representing my USA team, or former teammates at BBAC, but the entire Les Mills family statewide. Yes, I was the only Mainer at AIM I in Vermont, and needless to say had to travel the furthest. But that didn’t stop me, did it?

I can guarantee that when I check in, the other instructors will give me the old, “wow, you came all the way from Maine” thing, but rest assured I’m not going down there for a sightseeing tour, it’s all business. If anything, I want to prove to the rest of the East Coast that Maine does have strong instructors, we can pack the room just as well as those in Boston, New York, Philly or Baltimore, and that we have potential to take our instructing to the next level.

Only five and a half weeks left! And I’m proud to announce I’ll be picking up another PUMP class in the next couple of weeks!

Ryan McLaughlin

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