A possible rise to the next level

Ever since I passed the Part I of the Advanced Module for BodyPump, I’ve been itching for six months to go by, so I could attempt to rise to the next level at AIM II.

I’ll finally have that chance next month, traveling to Sterling, Va., just outside of Washington, D.C., for AIM II for BodyPump at the end of April.

There aren’t many AIM II’s per year, and they sell out quickly, so you have to jump on them when they are available, and after chatting with the fine folks at Les Mills East Coast, I jumped on it a mere 40 minutes after it was posted online.

For starters, AIM II is going to be way tougher than AIM I. From what I’ve heard, it’s an extension of AIM I with more coaching and more physical challenges, except it’s a two-day module where you present four times. I’m going to assume that we’re going to be doing one track twice the first day, and a different one twice the following day. But it’s Les Mills, so you never know!

What’s at stake will be advanced or elite status. Advanced status proves that you’re a strong instructor en route to becoming the best, while elite status, which is VERY difficult to attain, allows you to take the stage at quarterlies and the like. To gain such status, you’d have to nail the five key elements – Choreography, Coaching, Technique, Coaching, and Fitness Magic – perfectly. While that is certainly a dream, that is not the focus of this module. It is to become a better, stronger instructor, and maybe start a journey to become a trainer.

The training is eight weeks away, so while there is plenty of time to get ready, it’ll go by rather quickly. I’ll be at a travel disadvantage, so to speak, since a number of the instructors may be from Virginia, Maryland, and so on. But that’s no excuse to not get it done.

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