Happy 20th birthday, BodyPump!

Launching a new BodyPump release is always special. After all, members typically look forward to new music and new moves after 3 and a half months of mixing things up, or doing the same songs every class (yawn).

But when my teammates and I launch BodyPump 80 this weekend, it’ll also mark the program’s 20th birthday.

Yes, BodyPump has been around since a former Razorback was in the oval office, and I was a young lad living in South Brewer. The program has come a LONG way since then, while Les Mills classes have flourished, with 14,000 clubs in 80 countries around the world.

BodyPump 80 is a FANTASTIC release that you’ll love, if you haven’t tried it already. Like we try to do with every new release, there are some new innovations thrown in, particularly in Tracks 4, 7 and 8, and every workout is different.

That, my friends, is the beauty of BodyPump, that no release is similar. For example, you could have a shoulder track with two sets of 16 push-ups apiece in one track, and the next quarter’s shoulder track could feature no push-ups at all. Hey, they have to keep us on our toes, right? 😛

I cannot say too, too much about BodyPump 80 because I don’t want to give anything away for my peeps who are eagerly anticipating it this weekend. All I’ll say is that it features  a great blend of high-intensity cardio training and strength training all meshed into 10 tracks and 60 minutes of work. The music is fantastic as well, probably the best music, top to bottom, of all the releases I’ve learned in the last two years.

On a side note, as we get ready for launches, a lot of Les Mills tribe members are doing so with heavy hearts, coping with the loss of presenter Hernan Lopez.

Lopez, who was taken from us too soon in an automobile accident, was a presenter for BodyCombat, another one of the Les Mills programs. He truly epitomized the “One Tribe” philosophy that Les Mills stands for, was an outstanding presenter and an even better person. My class this past week was dedicated to his memory, even though I didn’t know too much about him since he’s a BodyCombat guy, we are all one, no matter what classes we teach. RIP Hernan, thanks for all the inspiration you provided to my Combat brothers and sisters, and to all of us!

Oh, and by the way, my Super Bowl prediction: Pats 34, NY Giants 20. SORRY JULI 🙂

Ryan McLaughlin

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