Even the instructor needs some inspiration and motivation….

Make no mistake about it, BodyPump and being in the gym are my two biggest passions in  life, along with motivating and inspiring those of you on the floor to rock through the workout. However, there are certain days where you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and feel lazy, and I definitely have those once in a while.

It’s very easy to lose motivation after a few days away from the gym – it happens to people all the time – and unfortunately, it’s difficult to get back at it and maintain a certain level of fitness.

Usually, if I have a big module coming up, we’re launching a huge release, or if I didn’t teach the way I’m capable of, I look to inspirational sports-like quotes from such sports movies to PUMP my spirits back up.

With that being said, here are my top 5:

1. “You can’t be afraid to lose. There’s no room for fear in this game.” – Jonathon “Mox” Moxon, Varsity Blues. This is a good one in more ways than one. Some people are afraid to try PUMP, because they’re afraid of screwing up/looking foolish, among other things. But guess what? We all do (sometimes)! There is no room for fear on the group exercise room floor, and that even applies to the stage every now and then. Enjoy your workout, have fun, burn some calories and feel awesome! That’s all you need to succeed!

2. “Great moments are born from great opportunities.” – Herb Brooks, Miracle. With Alissa being a huge hockey fan, I had to throw this one in there 😛 But long story short, if you want to have that signature moment, you have to seize the opportunity. Whether it’s upping your weight as a participant or shooting for elite or advanced status as an instructor, it’s up to you to grasp the moment and take advantage.

3. “There’s a tradition in tournament play to not talk about the next step until you’ve climbed the one in front of you. I’m sure going to the state finals would be among your wildest dreams so let’s just keep it right there.” – Norman Dale, Hoosiers. There is much more to this speech, but it’s way too long to post in this blog. Long story short, focus on today’s goals, not tomorrow’s. If you worry too much about your long-term fitness goals, and don’t focus on the daily task at hand, chances are you’re not going to get there. One class at a time, one barbell at a time, one track at a time 🙂

4. “They’re bigger, faster, stronger, more experienced, and on paper, they’re just better, and they know it too. But let me tell you something they don’t know. They don’t know your heart.” Jack Lengyl, We Are Marshall. In a way, this one applied to me before AIM I, since the other instructors at the module were more experienced and had been certified longer than me. But that doesn’t mean anything. When you’re in your BodyPump class, don’t worry about how much weight your neighbor has on his or her bar, or how much longer they’ve been doing the class compared to you. Focus on you and your goals, and the rest will take care of itself. Who knows, you might reach yours faster than the person next to you who is only there to impress others 😛

5. “Being perfect is being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down.” Gary Gaines, Friday Night Lights.  Love this one! I know a lot of instructors and participants strive for PUMP perfection, but that does not exist. I’ve seen greats like Susan Renata, Glen Ostergaard, and others make mistakes on DVD presentations, i.e. bar going below kneecaps on deadrows, too much depth on squats, soforth. The trick is to remember that if you try to hard to be perfect, it’s easier to screw up. Next time you’re in class or on stage, don’t think about teaching a perfect class. Focus on the class one track at a time, then move on to the next one.

Ryan McLaughlin

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